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  City Barnsley
  Postcode S70 2PS
  Address Market Hill
  Phone Number 012 2628 8880

Need an Estate Agent Don't use Haybrooks!

I have just completed my house sale with Haybrooks in Barnsley and I would advise anyone to stay away from them. The problems started almost immediately.

1. The person who came to value the house was a very good salesman and convinced us to go with Haybrooks, assuring us that they would do viewings. As neither myself or my partner are salespeople we took comfort in this. When the viewings were scheduled there was never anyone from Haybrooks available.

2. The house was initially overvalued in retrospect this was a deliberate move by Haybrooks in order to get us to go with them in the hope we would get a higher price.

3. We were informed that somebody had made an offer, we took an evening to think about it and the next day phoned Haybrooks to say we would accept it. Initially we were told that this could not be conveyed to the prospective buyers because the 'named person' responsible for dealing with the sale was not in the office and we would have to wait until Monday. On persisting we eventually persuaded them to phone the buyers and tell them our decision.

4. I am a teacher which means I cannot accept calls during the day except during lunchtime and after school. I would regularly check my phone to find messages from my 'named person'. When I rang back they were never available what is the point of having a named person who takes their lunch at the same time as me. On one occasion I rang at 2.15 during afternoon break to be told they had finished for the day!

5. The buyers got a damp survey which was then arranged by Haybrooks. When the report came back with the costs of some remedial work on it, I was told by Haybrooks representative that this company often produces quotes on the high side. If that is the case why are they using them.

6. My buyers got their mortgage arranged by Haybrooks, when we lowered the price slightly to take into account the damp issues it took 3 weeks for the new paperwork to be completed!

7. When I took the keys in to the office prior to the completion date, I was greeted by 3 staff two of whom were lounging about playing on their mobile phones who gave the impression that I was disturbing them by asking them to actually do some work.

In short Haybrooks took a substantial some of money for taking some pictures, producing a brochure and putting them on the internet.

If you want a smooth hassle free house sale stay away from them!