Outside of London, there are currently more houses for sale than buyers. So, what can you do to make your house stand out and sell more quickly? Here are some great tips on what to do to make your house more valuable and sellable.

Tidy up
This may sound like an obvious tip, but many people forget it. It is said that a potential buyer makes a decision within 7-10 seconds of seeing a house, so first impressions really do count. Make sure that any clutter is cleared away or put into storage, and that anything on display is presented neatly.

Time to get out the tools and fix any of those jobs you've been putting off. Make sure door handles and hinges are secure. If there's any incomplete work in bathrooms or the kitchen make sure this is done before trying to sell your house. The kitchen and bathroom are normally considered the most important rooms in the house when selling, so make sure everything is perfect.

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Customer Testimonials

To say my wife and I were delighted is putting it mildly. Having had a poor initial experience with one of the big name chains (their draft brochure was atrocious!), we contacted Evans & Partridge more out of curiosity than expectation, since they were local. We met Jamie, liked him, felt he understood and appreciated our home, liked the fact he was honest about a few things as well, and waited for the valuation. When he came back with a price not insignificantly above the other 3 much larger agents we were speaking to, we were concerned he might be quoting a price above market rate to win our business.

However, since we were impressed with Jamie, felt he had integrity and very much believed we could work WITH him, we decided to go with E&P and managed our expectations regarding price. Next came the brochure which a) was superb and very carefully put together and b) was free (when we’d already paid several hundred to the previous agents who we’d sacked). Given it was by then October, we informally agreed to defer marketing the property until spring 2019, but were persuaded by Jamie to let a few people around who he already had on his books searching. 4 couples came round in 3 weeks, 2 of whom made full price offers, 1 of which was a cash buyer!!

The buyers made a second visit, expressed strong interest in a few bits of our furniture and furnishings, which Jamie then negotiated a bit more for, so we ended up with even more than the asking price and, as I said before, materially above what the other agents had quoted. We ended up with great buyers (who exchanged and completed without drama), a really good price, a speedy deal and we just could not speak any more highly about either Jamie or his estate agency. It may be a one shop operation, but their attention to detail and communication was near faultless. Oh, one more thing - their fees were less than any of the big names for what we strongly felt was a much more personal service. Absolutely terrific and we’ve already recommended them to friends in the area if they ever come to sell.

Evans and Partridge have just successfully sold our house and sold us the house to which we have moved! I cannot thank them enough for the amount of effort and tireless enthusiasm that they put into achieving our sale and purchase. We were regularly updated throughout the process and always felt that they were doing everything that they could. Towards the point of exchange they took the lead in managing a lengthy chain and were able to coordinate the whole thing successfully.