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With our head office based in North London and further offices based in Central London and Surrey, we have experienced RICS Chartered Surveyors, Members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Members of the Chartered Institute of Building, RICS Registered Valuers and RICS Accredited Mediators.

Here at Berry Lodge Surveyors, our Chartered Surveyors and Building Surveyors are not only qualified but are also experienced, specialising in Party Wall Surveying and Residential Surveying. Through our industry-first client portal, you can be sure to be kept up to date throughout the entire Surveying process.

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The Party Wall etc Act 1996 covers three different types of work:

1) Works directly to a Party Wall, a Party Structure or a Party Fence Wall
2) Excavations within 3m or 6m and to a depth lower than the adjoining owner’s (the neighbour’s) foundations
3) New walls built up to, or astride, the line of junction

The Party Wall Agreement procedure is in place to ensure that both the building owner and the adjoining owner are legally protected before, during and after the works.

To ensure this, a Party Wall Surveyor will consider the building owner’s construction work from the perspective of the adjoining owner’s property.

The Party Wall Surveyor will ensure the potential risk associated with the construction works is as low as it can be, while also ensuring all the logistics of the works have been considered thereby avoiding disputes between the owners.

The Party Wall Agreement process follows a strict statutory procedure which commences when the building owner serves a Party Wall Notice upon the adjoining owner in advance of the construction works commencing.

Once a Party Wall Notice is served the adjoining owner will have three Notice response options open to them:

Party Wall Notice response options:
Once a Party Wall Notice is served the adjoining owner will have three response options:

1) Consenting to the Party Wall Notice: This means that the adjoining owner reserves the formalities and protections of the Party Wall etc Act 1996, thereby allowing the building owner to commence their proposed construction work.

In all normal cases the building owner would then be able to commence the proposed construction works at the earliest opportunity without delay.

2) Dissenting to the Party Wall Notice and appointing their own Party Wall Surveyor: When an adjoining owner dissents to the Party Wall Notice they are activating the procedures and protections set out by the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

By appointing their own Party Wall Surveyor, the building owner will then be duty-bound to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor, with those two Surveyors following the Party Wall procedures and agreeing a Party Wall Award legally protecting both owners.

3) Dissenting to the Party Wall Notice and appointing an Agreed Party Wall Surveyor: This option is the same as the second Party Wall Notice response option, with the only difference being that one Party Wall Surveyor acts impartially on behalf of both the building owner and the adjoining owner.


What is a Party Wall Surveyor?

This Party Wall Surveying video discusses a Party Wall Surveyor and the roles they play in administering the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and going through the Party Wall procedures.

In brief, a Party Wall Surveyor is a Surveyor who specialises in resolving disputes that arise under the Party Wall etc Act 1996. They will administer the Party WallSurveying procedures and ultimately resolve the dispute through the agreement of a Party Wall Award.

Boundary Disputes

In this Surveying Video, we discuss Boundary Disputes and what to do if you find yourself in such dispute. The key thing to remember about a Boundary Dispute is that they are a common occurrence so don't panic! Speak to one of our qualified and experienced Surveyors and they will be happy to assist.

Boundary Dispute issues may take place when two different parties, usually property owners, disagree the location, width, ownership or maintenance liabilities of the boundary line.

What is a Party Wall Notice?

In this Party Wall Surveying Video, we discuss what a Party Wall Notice is, when it is required and the formalities surrounding it its service and receipt.

Here at Berry Lodge, we always recommend that a Party Wall Surveyor prepares and serves the Party Wall Notice as this will avoid unnecessary irregularities or potential invalid Party Wall Notices.

Party Wall Notice Responses

Party Wall Notice Response options can be confusing. This explanatory Party Wall video should help you make a fully informed decision.
020 7935 2502

What is the Party Wall etc Act 1996?

In this Party Wall video, we discuss the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and how it applies to various different types of construction works.

In simple terms, the Party Wall etc Act 1996 is English and Welsh law that was put in place in 1996. The Act sets out a framework for property owners who plan to undertook certain types of construction work.

Party Wall Surveying Procedures, A Brief Overview!

In this Party Wall Surveying video, Berry Lodge Surveyors briefly discuss the Party Wall Surveying Procedures that need to be followed if a building owner is undertaking construction works.

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